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Hostgator coupon offers three coupon options, such as 25% off of the purchase price or the like. It is however possible to calculate the price discount through the website which offers the option of choosing a plan and calculating the discounted price. Hostgator also has the option of opting out of coupons and receiving the first month free only through signing up for the first coupon discount which is all-inclusive. This coupon code is also known as the monthfreenow coupon code, which promotes the client to an entire month of free web hosting. Another suitable promotional coupon code is hg25offcoupon which offers the client or web host the option of deducting 25% off the purchase price of the web host service. Lastly, there is the option of $9.95 off the price of the web hosting service.  This coupon promotional code is also known as newhostgatorcoupon. Furthermore, the website offers the option of entering this promotional code in order to calculate the total savings off the price of web hosting.